How to Test Your Home Internet Connection Speed

It becomes a great tyranny when you have a load of work and you do not get the required internet speed at this time. The low speed of net connection is a major problem people are suffering from. Sometimes ISP doesn’t deliver the internet they have promised. For this reason we have come with the article of how to check your Netgear wifi extender speed at home. This will give you the perfect measurement of a t which speed internet is working. This can be done with service. This service is established to see ISP speed.

This shows the ISP’s performance and measures the time taken between sharing the internet to computer. It is a tested service that follows you on which speed your internet is working so you can call your ISP authority and argue for the speed problem.

How to Operate Speed test

Speed test net is the site that tests your internet connection strength. To begin with this server you need a web browser installed Java Script. Now let’s start the process.

  • First of all open your laptop and open the site.
  • Here you will be displayed a screen that shows “Begin Test” link.
  • This test will take some time to check the internet connection speed.
  • Once it is done you are ready to check your internet speed.
  • Speed test helps you in determining the actual speed of internet.

If you are following that surfing speed is low you can call the internet service providers to solve this problem.

Causes of Low Speed

There are various reasons from where you can find a low speed problem.

Don’t put your wireless router besides the cordless phones or any other electronic devices. That can interrupt internet speed.

Put your router in the open area. It may possible that router cannot reach at the hidden spaces of basement area s.

Don’t run multiple gadgets at one time.

Change your router password after every 15 days. It might be possible that someone is using your Wi-Fi connection and it can cause lowering your internet speed.

This article is written only to give you the best networking speed at any cost. Just use the speed test app and identify your networking speed within few seconds.

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